Experience our most comprehensive TEFL course online with over 120 hours of learning, dedicated instructor support and an internationally accredited CPD certificate. Developed and supported by our CELTA certified and experienced instructors and mapped to international standards, our complete course will fully prepare you to teach English (or your native language) anywhere in the world.

Acquire a background of the latest teaching methodologies
Only our TEFL certification course offers online teacher observation along with tutor support for any assistance you may require. Learn about the different teaching methodologies and approaches that have been used throughout the history of teaching languages. Begin your TEFL career and familiarise yourself with these different teaching methods that are integrated throughout the course.

Learn how to make grammar easy and fun in the classroom
Make your lessons interesting by using the latest grammar techniques with fun interactive activities that will generate the interest of your students to learn the language. Additional online teaching resources will assist you to prepare your grammar lessons in no time!

Handle pronunciation challenges across a range of multi-language learners
Accent Reduction is one of the most challenging tasks a TEFL teacher can face. In this TEFL online certification course, you will learn about Accent Reduction along with Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). Drilling activities cover how to activate each and everyone of the 42 face muscles for clear pronunciation and constant reinforcement.

Learn how to teach new vocabulary and apply it to real-life situations
Computer studies show that the lexical approach can help students with the most common form of vocabulary to be applied throughout the teaching. Learn how to apply valuable chunks of language and realistic scenarios by the use of authentic materials making lesson fun for all age groups.

Approach lesson planning and classroom management with confidence and energy
Our TEFL 120 hour online course covers how TEFL teachers can prepare for their lessons by the use of aims and objectives. Practice makes perfect with fun educational activities that will keep students alert motivating them to complete tasks with the least amount of errors. 120 hours and 10 hours additional information for questions and answers.

Cover all four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening
The focus on TEFL teaching is to prepare students for all four skills. A variety of activities and teaching strategies can be used effectively without much effort by the students. Become an expert on how to cover clear objectives and focus on repetitive drilling exercises according to your students’ needs.

Gain a strong understanding of virtual and online teaching
This is the latest form of teaching as we are heading into the era of online education. Learn how to apply online tools and virtual learning to students from all round the world. Your TEFL career begins with endless opportunities to teach anywhere around the world simply by the use of your phone or computer! TEFL teachers are always in demand and you can apply easily once you complete the course and master the techniques of teaching online.

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