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IELTS Training and Exam

With SEEDS you will be Trained on the IELTS and you will take the exam

Key takeaways



Training Objectives :

1- Introduction to IELTS
2- Essay Outline
3- Essay Writings and Corrections
4- Speaking
5- Listening
6- Mock Exams
7- Avoid Common Mistakes
8- Time Management


IELTS Features

How will IELTS Help you in your Career


Develop your communication skills in English

Landing a job

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A High IELTS Score Opens Doors

Whether you want to study, live or work in many countries, IELTS would be accepted.


Many countries accept IELTS as a requirement for citizenship or permanent residence


Employers in a wide range of sectors accept IELTS such as banking and finance, government, construction, energy and natural resources, aviation, health and tourism


If you are interested in studying abroad, remember that many universities worldwide and all universities and colleges in the UK accept IELTS test results

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