Designing Purposeful Organizations in a rapidly changing world in 7 weeks


We live in a world that is evolving rapidly. Employers are already recruiting for jobs that will require skills that are not yet

known to them, let alone to those working in education to prepare their future workforce. In this workshop, we will examine a simple

but robust framework for understanding the changes and challenges we face. We will also examine how the United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) can be used to inform strategic scenario planning and how organisations are able to align

everything they do to an inspiring purpose that supports the needs of humanity and the world we inhabit


1. Take and apply a framework for purposeful alignment

2. Use the UN SDGs in scenario planning

3. Explain the role of leadership in changing the world

4. Create the conditions for success in any venture: purpose; vision; engagement; structure; character; results; success and human talent


January 14th 2021

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