About Us


SEEDS offers personal value-based human development programs that target cognitive, psychomotor, affective, and social aspects of adults, young adults and early childhood for a sustainable healthy environment that provides human well-being in a global digitized future. SEEDS supports human for independent decision-making and future careers’ choices. The focus is to build a knowledge-based economy with high-ethical standards to reinforce social and family cohesion and preserve a cohesive society proud and confident of its own identity and culture under the norms of tolerance and human acceptance. 
SEEDS will follow up on practices of the future generation to master its own skills, professional attitudes and their own perceptions towards learning; further, our youth will know how to deal with future organizational change, deal with their social-emotional skills, and acquire leadership and teamwork abilities.

Our Vision

Adding values to human capital with a spirit of development

Our Mission

Develop human capital through professional consultation services seeking innovative development with the spirit of well-being for passionate seekers

Our Core Values